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Better Call Saul is a spin-off of the most exciting crime drama of the past decade, Breaking Bad. The creators of the original series, Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, decided to dedicate a separate series to one of the most popular, but also the most ridiculous characters of the meth neo-western. The series launched in 2015.

Meaning and history

Better Call Saul Logo history

Better Call Saul is a series that takes as its basis a rogue, sniffed with all the criminal elements of Albuquerque, reveals his rather complex inner world, and makes you sincerely empathize.

It is a great spin-off of Breaking Bad about the adventures of Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) before he became a criminal lawyer for Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. The action begins six years before the events of Breaking Bad when the rogue Saul was still called Jimmy McGill. The original series became a cultural phenomenon that continues to be discussed years after it ended, and its spin-off is in some angles even better.

The plot is set in 2002 Albuquerque, exactly six years before Goodman is first announced on Breaking Bad. Saul Goodman, whose real name is James McGill, is trying to keep his own law office afloat, but things are going from bad to worse. His only clients are petty offenders who have no money for expensive lawyers. But suddenly Saul discovers one talent, the fame of which reaches the ears of all the local crime bosses: he manages to solve all his cases without going to trial.

Despite the insignificance of most of the troubles McGill gets into, it is not tiresome to follow the twists and turns of his fate for a second. A courtroom drama, as the spin-off initially positioned itself, turns into a crime thriller at the right moments, and sometimes — into a comedy.

Saul Goodman in the spin-off turns from a pure clown into a tragicomic figure, because any of his attempts to get on the righteous path or at least just stop with crime are doomed to failure. But after watching Breaking Bad, we already know that despite all the successes in his career and personal life, he will end up alone, working for a methamphetamine cook.

What is Better Call Saul?
Better Call Saul is the name of a spin-off to “Breaking Bad”, a standalone series dedicated to one of the most popular characters in the story of drug dealer Mr. White, a lawyer Saul Goodman. The main role was played by the famous American comedian and screenwriter Bob Odenkirk. The first season of the series was released in 2015.

In terms of visual identity, the legendary series has stayed loyal to its original logo for all six seasons. The lettering-based badge uses a bright color palette, which points to the unusual taste of the main hero and adds a special style, which you can see in each episode of Better Call Saul.


Better Call Saul Logo old

The logo, created during the pre-production did the series, was slightly different from the primary one, yet still had the same style and intensity. It consisted of a handwritten cursive inscription in bail red lines, set against a solid yellow background and accompanied by small black details, which include banners with wordmarks, and graphical elements.

2015 – 2022

Better Call Saul Logo

The first official logo of the Better Call Saul series was introduced in 2015, with the release of the first season. It is based on the lettering of the same style, which we could see on the pre-production version of the badge, but with fewer graphics and the contours of the lettering refined. The inscription is set in two colors — yellow for the “Better Call” part, and red for “Saul”. The yellow lettering is set in capitals, while the red one is enlarged and executed in the title case. The wordmark is accompanied by the yellow image of the Femida Scales, a symbol of justice. As for the background of the logo, there are two options available — white and black.

Font and color

Better Call Saul Emblem

The custom lettering from the primary Better Call Saul logo is set in a smooth designer typeface with a light retro touch. The top part of the inscription has its font pretty close to Script 1 Script Casual, while the cursive “Saul” is set in a typeface, similar to Dancing Script.

As for the color palette of Better Call Saul’s visual identity, it is set in a dramatic combination of red, yellow, and black, which looks intense and eye-catching, transmitting the whole mood of the series.