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Benzinga is the name of an American media platform, which was founded in 2010 by Jason Raznick, and is specialized in financial and technology news and analytics, and is a number one source for Wall Street traders. Benzinga has a perfect reputation in the trading sector, and by today has become an essential part of all the market operations.

Meaning and history

After only ten years of its existence, Benzinga has reached the top level of trustworthiness, as the most reputable and influential source of news and analytics for all Wall Street operations. Apart from providing its users with information on current deals and market changes, Benzinga also has its rating list and award, which is the number one source for the company’s evaluation.

Benzinga Global Finch Awards is an annual competition, where all the major global brands of the segment participate. The Benzinga experts, one of the most authoritative teams in the American financial market, evaluate the best trading solutions and tools. The ranking reviews all options, futures, and investments of the global financial market, picking out the best.

What is Benzinga?
Benzinga is an online platform, which is considered to be the main source of news, analytics, and information for Wall Street traders. The service was established in 2010, and by today has grown into one of the most reputable informational agents in its segment, beating Bloomberg and Reuters.

In terms of visual identity, Benzinga looks very professional, yet edgy, using a perfect way of graphical representation of its expertise and progressiveness. The online platform’s logo is only based on the lettering, although its sharp elements say much more than any graphical emblem would express.

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Benzinga Logo

The Benzinga logo is the lettering, set in the uppercase and executed in a dark and calm shade of blue, evoking a sense of reliability and trustworthiness. The capital letters of the inscription are written in a custom typeface with sharp serifs on the ends of the bars. All serifs are directed to the left, which created a sense of speed and motion, ad this is exactly what the online platform does — follows the flow, and sometimes even goes ahead of it, to provide its readers with only the actual information and the most reliable prognosis of the market. The logo looks very stylish and futuristic, and can even be imagined as the insignia of a fancy magazine of an innovative IT company.

Font and color

The bold uppercase Benzinga wordmark from the primary badge of the online platform is executed in a custom typeface with sharp triangular elements on the ends of some bars. The font, created by the designers of the Benzinga logo, is something in between Kirkly Bold and Space Boards Regular, with thick lines, pointed serifs, and stable contours of the characters.

As for the color palette of the Benzinga visual identity, it is based on just one shade — a deep and calm blue, which looks professional and evokes a sense of responsibility, loyalty, and expertise. Also, blue is the most commonly used color for the logos of finch companies, so it makes even more sense, considering the specialization of the online platform.