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Bell’s is a blended Scotch whisky brand, founded in 1851 and originally known as Arthur Bell & Sons. In 1985 the company was sold to Guinness and then absorbed into Diageo, British beverage company.

Meaning and history

Bells Logo

Bell’s became the official brand’s name only in 1904, after Arthur Bell died, as he always resisted the idea of putting his family name on the package.

The Bell’s logo is an example of minimalistic design. Classic bold font wordmark in deep maroon with addition of gold gives a feeling of high-quality product. Lack of extra details makes you concentrate on the taste and class of the Bell’s whisky.

Despite their minimalistic logo, Bell’s keeps experimenting with the bottle’s shape, due to the consonance of the brand name and tinklers (bells).

Font and Color

Bell’s logo is about traditional elegance and timeless beauty. Its bold burgundy wordmark is set is solid and massive letters, but they don’t look overloaded or heavy, on the contrary, there is an extreme sophistication in each line of the inscription. Due to the enlarged first letter, the wordmark looks a bit old-style, even though all letters are capitalized.

The Bell’s typeface is very close to one of the following fonts: MPI Antique, Casad Serial Heavy, or Geller Text Bold, but with some lines and contours modified.

The burgundy color of the letters is perfectly balanced by a light cream background, which softens solid shapes and adds warmth to the whole image. This color palette has a royal and exclusive feeling, showing the brand as the professional and exquisite one.