BCG Logo


The visual brand identity of Boston Consulting Group went through an overhaul in 2018.

Meaning and history

BCG logo

The old BCG logo was dominated by the abbreviation “BCG” in a formal serif type. Below, you could see the full name of the organization, also in a formal serif type. In this case, the letters were much smaller. The full name was moved slightly to the right – it started right below the “C.”

While the former emblem looked traditional and serious enough due to the serifs, it lacked distinctiveness.

The design forces behind the brand opted for green, which has been often associated with growth, abundance, and good judgment.

Current emblem

BCG emblem

The updated logo was introduced in 2018. It has retained the shade of green used in the previous version and contains the same two basic elements: the abbreviated name of the company in larger letters paired with the full name in smaller letters.

Yet, the style has changed dramatically – it looks more modern and dynamic now. The serifs have disappeared, which has made the design more minimalist. The full name has moved up, so now it can be seen at the same level as the lettering “BCG.”

Logo BCG

The most obvious change, though, is probably the type used for the abbreviation. The glyphs have grown much heavier. In the previous BCG logo, they only touched each other slightly, while in the current one, they virtually merge into a single glyph.

As the press release states, the updated design creates “a simpler, bolder, and more connected identity that better reflects the firm’s approach.”

Company overview

BCG (Boston Consulting Group) is one of the three best-known employers in management consulting, known as the Big Three. The company was established in 1963. Today, it has over 90 offices in 50 countries. It is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.