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Fcuk is a casual label of clothing and accessories manufacturer, also known as French Connection. It was established in 1972 in the U.K. and today it sells its collections across the globe. Fcuk is oriented on a young audience and is well-known for its provocative advertising campaigns.

Meaning and history

Fcuk logo

The name Fcuk is derived from the first letters of French Connection United Kingdom. The brand started using this abbreviation in 1991, but the official “fcuk” logo was launched only in 1997.

The new name helped the brand to become recognizable all over the world and gave a lot of possibilities for creative advertising.

The logo is composed of a simple and strict wordmark in all the lower-case letters, using a classic font and a monochrome color palette. The simplicity of the logo is balanced by a controversial and scandalous brand’s name.

The fine lines of the typeface are slightly rounded and there is enough space between letters, which makes the logo look light and fresh. The French Connection logo uses the same typeface, but is written in all capital letters, which makes its logo look more classic and confident.