Baltimore Ravens Logo

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baltimore ravens logo
As for me, It’s so difficult to imagine football fan who doesn’t know what is the Baltimore Ravens. The Baltimore Ravens is a professional American football team based in Baltimore, Maryland. Of course, this team has many famous features. But the main thing which characterizes it is its logo.

Logo History

Baltimore Ravens Logo history

The featured raven wings outspread from a shield displaying a letter B framed by the word Ravens, was the team’s first logo, which was used from 1996 through 1998. The new logo is rather different from the previous. What about the secondary logo, it is a shield that honors Baltimore’s history of heraldry.


baltimore ravens symbolWhat does this logo look like? Today’s shows a raven’s head in profile with the letter superimposed.
The club’s current logo depicts the head of an aggressively looking raven and features the letter “B” on the left.