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Chicago Bears is the name of the American rugby club, which was established in 1920 in Illinois as Decatur Staleys, and a year later — Chicago Staleys, getting their current name in 1940. The team is the part of the NFL league and is known for having the biggest number of wins than any other club.

Meaning and history

Chicago bears Logo history

The visual identity history of the Chicago football club can be divided into three periods. The first, Staleys, the Bear logo, and the iconic “C”, which was first designed in 1962 and became an inevitable part of the team, instantly recognizable across the globe.

What are Chicago Bears?
Chicago Bears is the name of a professional football club in the United States, which was established in 1919 in Chicago, Illinois. Today the club competes in the National Football League, has Soldier Field as its home arena, and Matt Eberflus as the head coach.

1920 — 1921

Chicago Bears Logo 1920

The original logo of the club was the one with the “Decatur Staleys” nameplate, as it was the first name of the team. The emblem was taken from the A.E. Staley’s business visual identity and was only used for the first year of the club’s history.

It was a circle, horizontally divided into two parts — the top one was orange, and the bottom one was blue. The bold blue “S” in a thin white outline was placed in the upper part, while the bottom one comprised the whole name of the club, executed in two different styles — the bold modern serif for “Staleys” and delicate recognizable cursive for “Decatur”, placed under. The letters of the bottom part were white with a thin orange framing, which made the whole logo look fresh and bright.

1921 — 1940

Chicago Bears Logo 1921

After the team mover to Chicago from Decatur in 1921, their name was changed to Chicago Staleys, and the logo was redesigned.

The version of 1921 featured a brown rugby ball with the red and blue “Staleys” inscription under it. The lettering was in all caps and featured the same style as on the previous emblem, just slightly extended and with more space.

Red letters in the blue outline balanced the calm and modest brown and white color palette of the ball, reflecting the fighting spirit of the team and its passion.

1940 — 1945

Chicago Bears Logo 1940

The first logo for the Chicago Bears was created in 1940, and this is when the Bear first appears on the team’s visual identity. It is a black and brown running bear with a calm orange rugby ball. It was a strong and memorable emblem, which reflected the unique character of the club, showing its power and confidence.

1945 — 1973

Chicago Bears Logo 1946

The logo version from 1945 featured a black bear on top of the orange rugby ball. The animal was crawling on the football and looked severe and dangerous. It was a graphical representation of the courage and strength of the team and their willingness to win.

As for the color palette, black and orange with white elements represented energy, dynamics, and professionalism, along with responsibility and loyalty.

1962 — 1973

Chicago Bears Logo 1962

The prototype of the current Chicago Bears logo was designed in 1962 and boasted a sleek stylized letter “C”, which was called “The wishbone C”. It had a sharp delicate element coming out of its left part, and making the emblem unique and recognizable. However, this logo looked pretty much the same with the badge of another sports team — the Cincinnati Reds.

The “C” was executed in white and had a thin black outline, which made it looks strong and solid on any background color.

1974 — Today

Chicago Bears logo

The current logo was designed in 1974 and is fully based on the previous version. The only difference is in the color palette, which is now orange, white and black, where the body of the letter “C” is orange and the double outline features white from the inside and black from the outside.

The contours of the letter were refined in order to make it look more modern and professional.

The color palette of the Chicago Bears visual identity is a representation of positive, activity and energy, along with stability and serious approach.

In 1993 another version of the logo was created — it was a white and blue head of the bear, placed over the yellow wishbone “C”. The logo was discontinued, but the bear’s head stays an essential part of the club’s visual identity until today. The only difference is that it is now executed in orange and deep blue and is more often placed inside the wordmark, replacing the letter “A” in “Bears”.

The team also uses the composition from 1993, placing an and orange and blue bear on the “C”, but more often two emblems are used separately.


chicago bears symbol

Wishbone is a symbol of good luck. One good reason to introduce this symbol as part of the Chicago Bears logo was to emphasize the team’s hard work. Any effort is rewarded by excellent results and, consequently, good luck.


chicago bears emblem

Prior to becoming the Chicago Bears logo, the wishbone “C” appeared on the players’ helmets.


shape chicago bears

The current Chicago Bears logo is the same old 1962 wishbone. However, it has changed color from white to orange with a white trim and a black outline.


colors chicago bears

The “C” wishbone was colored in orange to symbolize energy, optimism, and happiness; white stands for purity and  elegance; the black color denotes excellence and perseverance.


font chicago bears

The “Bears” wordmark is written in the club’s signature typerface.

Chicago Bears Colors

CMYK: (100, 60, 0, 80)
RGB: (11, 22, 42)

HEX COLOR: #C83803;
CMYK: (0, 75, 100, 0)
RGB: (200, 56, 3)

What does the Black Bears logo mean?
Black Bears is the name of a collegiate sports team from the University of Maine. As for its logo, it is composed of a graphical part, depicting a head of an aggressive bear, accompanied by bold blue “Maine” lettering. As you can see, there is no hidden meaning in this emblem, just a depiction of the club’s name and background

What kind of bear is the Chicago Bears logo?
The logo of the Chicago Bears professional rugby club is composed of a bold stylized letter “C” in a wishbone style, which high looks pretty much like a self-sufficient emblem, but also stands for the first letter of the “Chicago” part of the club’s name. Although, the previous version of the badge contained an image of a grizzly bear, which is considered to be the most dangerous.

Why is the Chicago Bears logo AC?
The Chicago Bears logo is not the “AC”, but the “C”. A stylized extended orange letter in bold lines with a delicate sharp element in the middle of the arch stands for “Chicago”, the city, where the club was born and is still based.

How many Super Bowls have the Bears won?
Chicago Bears is not the most titled club in the NFL and only won the Super Bowl once, in 1985. Although( the team keeps fighting and not losing the spirit to repeat its success.