Black Sabbath Logo

Black Sabbath Logo
Black Sabbath is a legendary rock-band from Great Britain, which was created in 1968 and became a pioneer of heavy-metal. It has numerous prestigious music awards, and is ranked as the Greatest Metal Band by MTV.

Meaning and history

Black Sabbath Logo history

The band got its famous name only in 1969, after seeing the movie “Black Sabbath”. The decision to change it came to the Earth group because people started messing them with the British band having the same name.
Black Sabbath is a perversion of the Holy Mass, which celebrates the devil, the band felt it would be a proper name for the heavy-metal genre.
The Black Sabbath logo is composed of a wordmark and the band’s emblem in a circle frame, or on the both sides of the nameplate.
The wordmark in all-caps is executed in a thick and bold typeface, which is close to ITC Kabel Ultra, created by Rudolf Koch in 1975. The wavy lettering makes the logo look dynamic and alive.
The color palette of the Black Sabbath logo varies from monochrome to dark red on the black background, which reflects the evil spirit and power.

The Emblem

Black Sabbath emblem
The most known element of the Black Sabbath logo is its iconic mascot emblem. The winged figure with horns and the devil tail is called Henry.
Henry was created in 1975 and became an official symbol of the band. He represents the rebellious spirit, as has both angelic and diabolical traits.
It is a very powerful addition to the Black Sabbath visual identity, which is instantly recognizable around the world and reflects all the band’s characteristics and values, as well as celebrates the music genre, the band performs.