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Rap type Mag is a premier South African publication dedicated to hip-hop and Mzansi rap music, established in 2014. Founded by a group of music enthusiasts, the magazine has carved out a niche in the music journalism landscape of South Africa. Operating mainly from Johannesburg, Rap type Mag has extended its reach throughout the country, celebrating and documenting the vibrant urban music scene.

Meaning and history

Established in 2014, Rap type Mag was born out of a passion for hip-hop and the unique sounds of Mzansi rap. Its founders, a collective of music journalists and aficionados, aimed to create a platform that not only showcases talent but also informs and influences the music industry in South Africa. Over the years, Rap type Mag has achieved significant milestones, including exclusive interviews with up-and-coming artists and established stars, in-depth coverage of new releases, and features on the socio-political impact of hip-hop in South Africa. The publication has grown in influence, becoming a respected voice in the music journalism community. As of now, Rap type Mag holds a pivotal role in the music industry, continuously adapting to the digital age while maintaining its rich editorial content and integrity.

What is Rap type Mag?
It is a South African magazine focusing on hip-hop and Mzansi rap, providing in-depth coverage of the genres since its inception in 2014.

2014 – Today

Rap type Mag Logo

The “Rap Type Magazine” logo is a bold and striking design that effectively captures the essence of the magazine’s focus on hip-hop culture. Set against a deep maroon circular background, the logo features the text “RAP TYPE” prominently in the center. The word “RAP” is in a bold, white, sans-serif font that immediately grabs attention. This text is integrated with a silhouette of a city skyline at the bottom, suggesting urban culture and the roots of rap music.

Below “RAP,” the word “TYPE” is written in a dynamic, brushstroke-like font that adds a sense of movement and creativity. This font reflects the energetic and expressive nature of rap music. The brushstroke effect gives the text a raw and authentic feel, resonating with the street origins of hip-hop.

At the bottom right of the logo, the word “MAGAZINE” is written in a smaller, white, sans-serif font. This text is straightforward and clean, ensuring that it is legible and clear against the maroon background. The inclusion of the registered trademark symbol (®) next to “MAGAZINE” adds a touch of professionalism and authenticity to the design.

The overall composition of the logo is balanced and visually appealing. The bold white text and the city skyline create a powerful contrast against the maroon background. This logo effectively communicates the magazine’s focus on urban culture, creativity, and the vibrant world of rap music.

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