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Baby Einstein is the name of an educational brand for kids, which produces various interactive and multimedia materials for the little ones. The company was established in 1996 in the United States and today it operates globally, being a part of the Kids II company.

Meaning and history

Baby Einstein Logo history

1996 – 2007

Baby Einstein Logo 1996

The initial Baby Einstein logo featured a funny playful badge with a drawing of a boy’s face, executed in sharp black lines, set above the colorful lettering in a hand-written typeface with its lowercase letters executed in thick soft lines. The inscription had each letter set in its own color, so the palette of the visual identity included such shades as red, blue, green, yellow, and purple.

1998 – 2007

Baby Einstein Logo 1998
In 1998 some strictness was added to a playful Baby Einstein logo — two parts of the lettering, “The” and “Company”, written in a bold sans-serif, with the lowercase letters, were placed above and under the main logo, executed in a calm blue color which usually evokes a sense of reliability and professionalism.

2007 – 2013

Baby Einstein Logo 2007
In 2007 the name of the show was changed to Einstein Pals, and the logo was changed in the same year. It was the same emblem, as on the previous version, but now the “Einstein” was set on the upper level, and the “Pals”, placed under it, was executed in an extra-bold sans-serif typeface, with its uppercase letters in gradient blue. The whole logo was enclosed into a geometric frame with rounded angles and accompanied by the iconic Disney logotype, on the upper left part of the outline.


Baby Einstein Logo 2013
This design is a lot like the earlier attempts, except with thicker letters that really look like paint. From its direct predecessor, this one adopted the blue frame around the logo proper, although it’s thinner in this version.

2013 – Today

Baby Einstein Logo 20131

The visual identity of the educational products designer and distributor is colorful and friendly. The brand’s logo perfectly reflects its purpose and the audience it is created for — the kids. Being bright and playful, it still looks stylish and modern, evoking a sense of professional approach and expertise.

The Baby Einstein logo is composed of two parts — a multicolor wordmark, which is definitely the main hero of the insignia, and a delicate but fun graphical icon, executed in black and white.

The brand decided to break the stereotypes, putting more color in the lettering and making its emblem monochrome, and it worked, as the Baby Einstein logo makes the brand stand out in the list of its competitors.

The wordmark in the lowercase is executed in a bold and playful rounded sans-serif, which looks like a handwritten text. Each letter of the inscription features its owns color, so the palette includes almost all shades of the rainbow, from red to purple.

The wordmark is set in two levels and has the graphical part of the logo placed on the left of the “Baby” part, above the “Einstein”. The image is a hand-drawn portrait of a boy wearing glasses and with his hair up, reminding of the famous Albert Einstein’s portrait, but executed in a funny amateurish manner.

2018 – Today

Baby Einstein logo
The following logo uses a similar head image, except the pupils are slightly turned to the right. It’s the text that changed the most – here, it uses a much more mundane typographic sans-serif. These letters are fully lowercase and only use black.