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The car rental company Avis has gone through at least three logotypes since its inception. We can call it an evolution as with each of the modifications the design preserved some of its heritage.

Meaning and history

Avis Logo history

The history of the brand started in 1946. Initially, there were only three cars. Today, the company is based in Parsippany, New Jersey, US.

1946 – 1964

Avis Logo-1946

In the first version, you can already see the red color and the bold sans characteristic of the current Avis logo. Yet, there are differences, too. Here, the color is brighter, while the letters are italicized, which adds some motion.

The “A” dominates the wordmark. Its ends turn and stretch beyond the borders of the logo imitating a highway. It is this letter that establishes a link between the logo and the industry in which the company works. The globe, which replaces the dot above the “i,” also serves the same purpose: it shows that the whole world is open for the clients of Avis.

The lettering “Rent-a-car” in black below is absolutely necessary as the company was too young back then and it needed to show exactly what it offers.

1964 – 2012

Avis Logo 1964

By 1956, Avis opened international offices in Europe, Canada, and Mexico. When they introduced the motto “We Try Harder” in 1962, they were already known as the second-largest car rental company in the country.

The 1964 logo already reflects the transition from a small company to a major brand with global ambitions.

This time, the logo has grown simpler. The designers who worked on it took it for granted that the majority of the population was already familiar with the brand and its services. So, there was no need to explain everything. As a result, the “highway” theme, the globe, and the writing in black disappeared. The smaller letters are now of the same height as the “A,” which makes the design look smoother.

The color has grown somewhat darker, nobler, although it is still bright and eye-catching.

2012 – Today

Avis Logo

The design team decided to get rid of the italics replacing them with the regular version of the font. Due to this, the letters have grown wider, although the overall width of the wordmark has preserved the same.

While this move made the Avis logo less dynamic, it also made it better legible even at larger distances.