Schneider Electric Logo

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Schneider Electric is the name of the electrical-equipment manufacturing company, which was established in 1836 in France. Today the company distributes its products all over the world and has a yearly revenue of about 25 billion euros.

Meaning and history

The Schneider Electric visual identity is based on a bright green color and uses an uncommon to the brand placing of the emblem. It is simple yet recognizable insignia, which reflects the nature of the company.

The Schneider Electric wordmark is written in two levels, with “Schneider” on top in a bold sans-serif typeface and “Electric” under it in a thinner font.

Schneider Electric Logo

The Schneider emblem is placed on the left of the “Electric” lettering and overlaps “H” and “N” of the “Schneider” part of the nameplate. The emblem comprises a solid green oval that is slightly inclined to the right and features a white letter “S” with two white stripes on both sides.

The green and white color palette of the Schneider Electric logo is a symbol of energy, balance, and life. The calming and relaxing shade of green represents nature and its power. White accents of the emblem add a sense of reliability and transparency of the company, showing how much the brand values its customers.