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Evonik is a German chemical company, which was established in 2007. Being the second biggest national company in its field, Evonik is also on the top of the world’s list of the largest chemical corporations.

Meaning and history

The Evonik visual identity is distinct and futuristic. Composed of a wordmark with an emblem on its left, the brand’s logo is executed in a stylish purple color, which is a symbol of creativity and mystery.

The Evonik wordmark in all the capital letters is executed in a modern sans-serif typeface with some of the sides arched and the angles sharp. The inscription looks contemporary and balanced, evoking a sense of expertise in quality and design.

Evonik Logo

The Evonik emblem is an abstract circular image, which resembles Packman. It is a stylized graphical representation of the letter “E”, which looks futuristic and progressive.

The brand’s tagline, “Power to Create”, is placed under the nameplate and executed in all-caps of the simple sans-serif font, which does not overload the logo.

The Evonik visual identity is laconic, yet stylish and memorable. It shows the brand as innovative and constantly developing.

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