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The two logos the Atlantic Sun Conference has used since 2000 hardly have anything in common apart from the word “Sun,” which is given in another font, though, and the sun pictogram, which looks completely different.

Meaning and history

Atlantic Sun Conference Logo history

The Atlantic Sun Conference, founded in 1978 as the Trans America Athletic Conference, has a rich history in collegiate athletics. This NCAA Division I conference was established to provide a platform for intercollegiate competition among its member institutions, fostering both academic and athletic excellence. Over the years, the conference has witnessed significant achievements, including notable performances in NCAA tournaments across various sports. In the realm of basketball, for instance, the conference has been represented multiple times in the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, with teams like Florida Gulf Coast University making a remarkable run to the Sweet 16 in 2013. This feat, often referred to as the “Dunk City” run, spotlighted the conference’s competitive spirit on a national stage.

The conference has also excelled in other sports, such as baseball, soccer, and volleyball, consistently producing teams and athletes who compete at high levels. The commitment to academic success among its student-athletes has been another hallmark of the Atlantic Sun Conference. This balance of academic and athletic prowess embodies the true spirit of the NCAA’s mission. As of now, the Atlantic Sun Conference continues to hold a significant position in the landscape of collegiate athletics. Its current lineup of member institutions, which has evolved over time through expansions and realignments, remains dedicated to the conference’s founding principles of integrity, competitive excellence, and academic achievement, ensuring its ongoing relevance and impact in the world of college sports.

What is Atlantic Sun Conference?
The Atlantic Sun Conference is an NCAA Division I collegiate athletic conference. Comprising several universities primarily located in the Southeastern United States, it is known for its competitive sports teams and commitment to academic excellence.

2000 – 2015

Atlantic Sun Conference Logo-2000

The old Atlantic Sun Conference logo (introduced in 2000) showcased the orange sun with large rays. It was rising from behind the text “Atlantic Sun.” The top of the “A” was extended to form something like a wave.

2016 – Today

Atlantic Sun Conference Logo

In 2016, a new emblem was adopted. Here, the sun was gold and it was placed inside a dark grey “A.” Also, it did not dominate the design, like in the previous version. Next to the “A,” there was the word “SUN” in large yellow letters, while the word “Conference” was placed below.

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