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Atlantic League of Professional Baseball logoAtlantic League of Professional Baseball Logo PNG

If you take a closer look at the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball logo, you will see that it’s based on a white baseball with blue and red seams. However, it doesn’t dominate the design giving enough space to other important elements.

Over the lower part of the baseball, the abbreviation “ALPB” on a red ribbon and a stylized baseball field can be seen. There’s the lettering “Atlantic League” above the baseball and the text “Professional Baseball” in smaller letters below. The Atlantic League logo combines the colors of the US flag with green.

Atlantic League logo

What is the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball?
The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball is the American independent league, which was established in 1998, and today consists of ten team members from the cities not served by MLB or MiLB. The league operates in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states of the USA.

Font and color

The elegant and traditional logo go the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball comprises three different styles of lettering. The main part of the logo is taken by the “ALPB” abbreviation set in a bold and extended typeface with clean-contoured letters and small serifs on the ends of its bars.

The upper part of the circular emblem has the bold “Atlantic League” inscription set over it in a square typeface with massive serifs and straight cuts. The type is pretty close to Sutro Initials Fill and Gold Magnum Regular.

As for the bottom line of the logo, it features a red condensed “Professional Baseball” inscription set in all capitals of a narrowed sans-serif typeface, which looks quite similar to Agency Gothic Condensed or Marteau Bold fonts.

The ALPB logo features a pretty wide color palette with red. Blue, gray, yellow, and green shades in it. Although, the main part of the roundel is set in gray, which balances and calms down all the other hues. Green here stands for growth, yellow is a color symbolizing energy, and the combination of red and blue is a tribute to the USA, reflecting the patriotic mood and background of the league.

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