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Jerez era is a brand of basics and activewear manufacturer, which was established in 1984. Today the brand is mainly focused on the plain t-shirts and hoodies wholesale to other fashion labels.

Meaning and history

Logo Jerzees

The Jerzees’ visual identity is text-based and very laconic. The wordmark in all capital letters is executed in a traditional sans-serif typeface with strong bold lines, that are neat and clean.

Jerzees logo

The color palette of the logo is blue red and white, where the blue inscription on the white background has just one red detail. It is the letter “Z” in the middle of the brand’s name.

symbol Jerzees

Executed in red it adds a sharp feeling, representing the strong and passionate company, which aims to provide good quality products. The red “Z” is a symbol of energy and dynamics. It shows the brand that is ready for its future and will step into it with confidence and excitement.