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Moose Knuckles Canada is a luxury sportswear brand for men and women, which was established in 2009. It claims its mission is “protecting Canadians from the cold.” Also, the company aims to make “the leanest, toughest, and most luxurious sportswear in the world.”

Meaning and history

Moose Knuckles is a premium brand of outerwear, which produces top-quality down jackets for the whole family. The composition of the outerwear, offered by this Canadian brand is 90/10, where 90 is for down, ad 10 — for the feather. This combination creates the warmest filling for the jackets and coats and allows you to wear them during the coldest winters.
Apart from the high quality of the warming layer, each of the jackets is fitted with a rubberized fabric, which is just great for wind protection. The hoods on almost all models of Moose Knuckle outerwear are detachable, and the fur, used for them is the polar fox fur, extracted humanely.
The philosophy of Moose Knuckle is based on the Canadian heritage and active lifestyle. The company also treats everything with a great sense of humor, that’s why on the internal part of each Moose Knuckle down jacket you can see the badge, which depicts the fight of Canadian hockey players. The main logo of the brand is usually engraved on a small steel plate, which is placed on the left sleeve of each item.

What is Moose Knuckles?
Moose Knuckles is a premium Canadian fashion brand, which specializes in the design and production of outerwear for the whole family. The brand offers jackets and coats for active people, and their down jackets can be worn in temperatures down to -40 degrees.

As for the visual identity of the Canadian brand, the ambiguous name of the label and its brand identity are reflected in the Moose Knuckles logo. In a way, it looks more like a music band logo than an emblem of a fashion house.

???? – Today

Moose Knuckles Logo

The monochrome logo of Moose Knuckles has the lettering as its main part, with two symmetrical graphical elements replacing two letters “O” in the “Moose”. The wordmark features the words “Moose Knuckles” in a unique serif typeface. The double “O” is provided with a unique and ambiguous design reflecting the spirit of the label. The same symmetric design can be seen in the middle of the logo of the Seven Deadly Sins collection. There is a great balance between the classy and sophisticated contours of the letters in the Moose Knuckles logotype and the modern brutality of its graphical part. Everything looks very harmonized and creates a good understanding of the company’s values and mood.

Font and color

The uppercase Moose Knuckle wordmark from the primary logo of the fashion brand is set in a very sophisticated serif typeface with wide contours of the letters, smooth clean lines, and delicate triangular serifs on their ends. The closest font to the one used in this insignia is, probably, Elegia Light Caps and Goudy Titling Regular, but with most contours modified.
As for the color palette of the Canadian outerwear producer’s visual identity, it is simple and elegant. The whole badge is executed in a black-and-white color palette, a timeless combination, loved by all the best fashion labels across the globe. The use of this color scheme allows placing the logo on the different backgrounds without losing its individuality and original style.