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Armstrong is a leading brand in design and manufacture of innovative commercial and residential ceiling, wall and suspension system solutions in the Americas. Was founded in Pennsylvania, USA in 1891.

Meaning and history

Armstrong Logo

The Armstrong logo is very masculine and confident. It’s strict typeface with circle around letter “A” could be a perfect logo for almost any brand.

The brands values are quality, trust and dependability, which is shown good in the logo. The brand’s color palette includes two colors: Morado, a brilliant blue violet that reflects creativity and leadership, and Tungsten, a mid-tone grey that evokes power, balance and masculinity.

The typeface and color scheme bring a dynamic sense of strength and presence to the brand. The “Inspiring Great Spaces” tagline describes the brand as a competitive and relevant company focused on innovation, productivity and its customers.

Using interesting colors and a simple yet confident typeface is a fresh approach that illustrates brand’s evolution and it’s look into the future.