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Ardo is an Italian brand of household appliance manufacturer. It was founded in the 1970s in Fabiano. The brand is a part of Merloni group, which is one of the leaders of the European domestic appliance market.

Meaning and history

The Ardo logo is stylish and confident. It’s dark gray background reflects strength, masculinity and stability.

The custom typeface of the wordmark adds element of unique design to the logo due to execution of “the legs” of the letter “R”.

Logo Ardo

The wordmark on the logo is accompanied by the brand’s emblem and a “Well done” tagline, executed in fine straight sans serif.

The emblem is an open letter “O” with a pointed top. It is executed in light gray, and balanced the logo’s color scheme, making the contrast between white wordmark and gray background smooth.

What is Ardo?
Ardo is the name of an Italian brand, engaged in the production of household appliances. The company was established in the 1970s, and today is owned by one of the European leaders in this segment, Merloni Group.

Font and Color

The stable uppercase lettering from the primary Ardo logo is set in a modern and elegant sans-serif typeface with bold lines and clean contours of the characters. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia are the iconic Helvetica Bold or Swiss 721 Std Bold.

As for the color palette of the Ardo visual identity, it is set in the Italian National flag tricolor, composed of green, white, red, and black for the lettering. The scheme of the emblem represents the patriotic spirit of the company, while the plain black inscription balances it and adds professionalism and stability to the composition.

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