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Boneco is a Swiss brand of manufacturer of air care appliances, such as air purifiers, humidifiers and air washers. It was founded in 1956 by Hans Frei and his son Roland Frei.

Meaning and history

The Boneco logo is an example of Scandinavian minimalist design. Though the brand comes from Switzerland, the modern typeface of its wordmark and the color scheme of the logo resembles of Swedish or Danish design schools.

The calm medium blue color of the background symbolizes fresh air, which Boneco appliances aim to deliver. The blue usually symbolizes professionalism and loyalty and the brand, and creates a sense of security and trust.

Logo Boneco

The white custom typeface with a separated letter “N” creates a feeling of an air wave going through the logo. White color adds purity and cleanness.

Boneco logo

The Boneco logo successfully represents its brand’s segment and values. It is modern and memorable, yet very light and calm.