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Smeg S.p.A. is a company producing domestic appliances and based in Italy. It was established in 1948 by Vittorio Bertazzoni.

Meaning and history


The first cooker, nicknamed Elizabeth, was introduced in 1956. It bore a colorful logo featuring the arrowhead. The arrowhead was mostly a yellow triangle housing the name of the brand in a rather light type paired with a red, blue, and white trim.


The first washing machine, Leda, already featured a different emblem. It looked simple and, at the same time, more refined due to the golden hues. The emblem was based on a square with rounded corners. The word “Smeg” inside was set in a comparatively unpretentious all-caps type.
Smeg Emblem


The world’s first 14-place setting dishwasher, Niagara, was introduced. The emblem on it looked pretty much like its predecessor, except that it was black and white.


Print ads of this time capture a bright logo with the brand’s name in blue on the yellow background. A small blue crown is added above. The type is a minimalist, highly legible all-caps one.


Smeg Logo
A new emblem is created by Franco Maria Ricci, an Italian publisher and graphic designer. The six circles you can see next to the name of the brands represent the burners of a gas hob and the round knobs of an oven. While the word “Smeg” looks as simple as it does on the previous version, it now comprises only the lowercase letters.

Current logo

While the brand’s website still features the iconic Smeg logo created by Franco Maria Ricci, many of the products have a different emblem. It includes the name of the brand in capital letters with plenty of space between them.