Arctic Cat Logo

Arctic Cat LogoArctic Cat Logo PNG

The Arctic Cat logo is pretty clean and memorable. The dynamic, edgy black cat is an excellent representation of the company’s core values.

Meaning and history

The current logo features the side-view of a leaping black cat. The animal is highly stylized and has a sharp tail, as well as the sharp ends of the paws. Its ears are positioned close to the head, while its mouth is half-open showing the sharp teeth. The cat has a bright green eye.

Below the image, there is the name of the brand in the same bright shade of green. While green is not exactly the color traditionally associated with the “arctic” theme, it looks cold enough here.

The design forces behind the brand have opted for a simple sans serif type. It is rather heavy, which apparently symbolizes the reliability of the products. Also, the writing is italicized, which creates a dynamic effect.

Arctic Cat Logo

Versions of the emblem

You can also come across a black-and-white variation. Here, the cat’s eye is white, while the lettering is black. You can see the tagline “Share our Passion” below the name of the brand.

Also, the company has used a 3D version of its logo. Here, the cat featured a combination of gray and black resulting in a gradient effect. The shade of green used for the writing was slightly warmer than in the current logo, and it also featured the gradient.

We should also point out an Arctic Cat logo sporting only the muzzle. Here, the cat was facing straight at us, which made its sharp fangs exceptionally visible. Due to the accent on the muzzle, this version was slightly more emotional than the current one, yet it was more cluttered.

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