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Aprilia is one of the moto labels, manufactured by Piaggio company. It was established in 1945 by Cavaliers Alberto Beggio and was focused on bicycles until 1968.

Meaning and history

Being one of the brands of famous Piaggio, Aprilia features all the elements of Italian design and style. Its visual identity is modern and elegant, with its emphasis on bright colors.

The Aprilia logo is composed of a single word mark but looks balanced and complete. All the lowercase lettering of the nameplate is executed in a traditional sans-serif font, which is similar to Swiss 721 BdOul BT. It has clean and confident lines, bold curves of the letters “A” and “P” and a lot of space between the body and the dot of the “I”.

Aprilia Logo

The wordmark is executed in white and placed in a rectangular with a bright red background. The color palette symbolizes passion, energy and power, the white accents on the brand’s loyalty and reliability, while red shows the company’s progressive approach and leading positions.

The red color is also a tribute to the post-war years when the company was founded. It is the most common color associated with the largest tragedy of the last century. So the brand celebrates its history and heritage, remaining modern and future-thinking at the same time.

The Aprilia logo is minimalist and laconic, yet eye-catching and memorable. The simplicity of form is balanced by bright colors, evoking warm and friendly feelings.