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Antefilms is the name of a French production studio, which was established at the beginning of the 1990s, and is specialized in the production of tv shows. The brand was owned by the large MoonScoop Group, known for numerous projects in animated tv series.

Meaning and history

Antefilms Logo history

Antefilms was a really successful and popular studio in the 1990s-2000s. Being a subsidiary of a reputable and globally famous MoonScoop Group, the studio was engaged in many animations and tv-show projects, which gained a lot of popularity not only in France but worldwide.

At the beginning of the 2000s, the studio started being overtaken by its mother company more and more, and by 2014 it completely dissolved in MoonScoop, with the brand discontinued.

What are Antefilms?
Antefilms is one of the subsidiaries of the French MoonScoop Group, a large animation studio. The subsidiary is focused on the production of TV shows and was founded at the beginning of the 1990s, four years after the main company was established.

In terms of visual identity, Antefilms Studio has always been bright and modern, with geometric elements prevailing, and the lettering heavy and visible. The colors of the badge changed with each of the three redesigns of the Antefilms badge.

2001 – 2005

Antefilms Logo 2001

The Antefilms badge, used by the studio at the beginning of the 2000s, was based on a bright blue color palette with three three-dimensional circular elements in different sizes, placed in the upper left part of the white badge with a heavy black and blue lowercase lettering in a custom sans-serif font. The main part of the lettering was underlined by a lightweight uppercase “Production” in black.

2005 – 2014

Antefilms Logo

The redesign of 2005 introduced a new version of the Antefilms logo, which was fully based on the corporate MoonScoop identity. It was a flat enlarged moon in yellow, placed over a white background and overlapped by a stylized white uppercase lettering in a thick gray outline. The heavy “Antefilms” wordmark was underlined by a narrowed black “Studio” in the uppercase and a smaller “a MoonScoop Company” inscription in the title case.

Font and color

Antefilms Emblem

The stylized uppercase lettering from the last Antefilms logo was set in a custom designer font, stylized as graffiti, with jumping characters featuring clean contours and straight cuts of the lines. This geometric font has no commercial analogs, but there is some resemblance to such types as HighJinkies Open Bold or Kobalt Kartoon.

As for the color palette of the Antefilms visual identity, it was based on a combination of yellow, grey, and white, which looked bright and vivid, evoking a fur fly and playful feeling and perfectly reflecting the essence and purpose of the studio.

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