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Angels And Airwaves LogoAngels And Airwaves Logo PNG

Angels And Airwaves is the name of an American music-band, which was created in 2005 by Tom DeLonge. This relatively young rock group is popular and recognizable, it released five albums, which are sold worldwide.

Meaning and history

Angels And Airwaves Logo

The Angels And Airwaves is also known as AVA, which was composed of the first letters of the band’s name, with the middle “A” turned upside down, and becoming a “V”.

The band’s logo is a circle-framed emblem with AVA lettering inside and the full Angels And Airwaves name on top of it.

The bold strict lettering of “AVA” is balanced with the thin and elegant typeface of the “Angels And Airwaves”, which is executed in Trajan font with a stylized letter “A”.

Angels And Airwaves emblem

It is a very stylish and modern visual identity, which is a perfect reflection of the band’s music genre and its energy.

The monochrome palette of the Angels And Airwaves logo adds timelessness and power, evoking a sense of expertise and strength.