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American Lung Association is a foundation, whose main profile is research and fights with lung diseases. The organization was established in 1904 and was focused on tuberculosis prevention.

Meaning and history

American Lung Association Logo history

1973 – 2020

American Lung Association Logo 1973

The emblem of their original logo is a Christian cross with two horizontal lines, colored red. Compared to the following design, this one isn’t as tall, and the lines are closer together. On its red, there’s the organization’s full name written in three lines of black letters. These are capital sans-serif characters.

2020 – Today

American Lung Association logo

The American Lung Association’s visual identity is based on a traditional symbolically for its profile. The logo is composed of a wordmark and an emblem on its left.

The wordmark in all the capital letters is written in a rounded sans serif typeface with bold solid lines. The tagline “Fighting for Air” is written under the nameplate and features smaller and thinner lettering.

The American Lung Association emblem is based on a Cross of Lorraine, just slightly modernized. It is a historical remembrance of a “war” with tuberculosis, which was decided in 1902 on one of the initial Tuberculosis Congresses, which was held in Berlin.

symbol American Lung Association

It was agreed to use this symbol due to the Lorraine representative’s speech about French soldiers going on the battlefield with the Cross of Lorraine flags, and their victories.

Logo American Lung Association

The American Lung Association emblem uses a Scarlett red color, which adds energy and power to the logo. The sharp angles of the symbol make it look strong and powerful, while the smooth lettering of the wordmark balances it.