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Veeam is a Swiss IT company, which specializes in data synchronizing and managing software. The company was established in 2006 and today it operates worldwide with more than 3 thousand employees.

Meaning and history

The name of the company, Veeam, is a derivative from “Virtual Machine” and its first letters pronunciation (VM).

The company’s visual identity is text-based and minimalist, yet bright and modern due to the use of the right color palette and typeface.

The Veeam wordmark uses mixed lowercase and capital letters, which makes it playful and young. The “V”, “A” and “M” are capitalized, while the double “E” is written in the lower case.

Veeam Logo

The inscription is executed in a modern rounded sans-serif typeface with the shortened horizontal bar of the letter “A”. The smooth thin lines of the Veeam nameplate evoke a sense of lightness and simple elegance.

The bright green and white color palette of the Veeam visual identity is a symbol of growth and a new life, it is a combination, which evokes a sense of harmony and balance, as well as progress and eternal movement.

Sometimes the company uses deep blue as additional color and when placed on a blue background, the Veeam logo creates a sense of reliability and professionalism.