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The Rip Curl logo has gone a long way from a heavy, difficult-to-make-out design to the stylish, clean, and meaningful look it has today.

Meaning and history

The earliest design was cluttered almost to the point of illegibility. You had to waste some time trying to decipher what was written with these plump, irregular letters squeezed inside a circle. We have done it for you: “Rip Curl Wet Suits.” By the way, there was also an image depicting surfers but it was also pretty difficult to make out at smaller sizes. In spite of all its issues, this logo was recognizable and, for quite a few people, was a symbol of a certain lifestyle and era.

Logo Rip Curl

As the brand was growing, the design forces behind it had to make the brand identity friendlier and easier to grasp. The creative search resulted in the wordmark “Rip Curl” in a very simple, yet unique type. The rainbow treatment made it distinctive.

The second interpretation of the rainbow theme looked brighter, more dynamic and distinctive. There was more depth to it, too.

This is when the iconic wave was born. Originally, the wave was placed inside a rhomboid, while the company name could be seen above. The wordmark looked almost the same as in the previous version, except for the color (this logo was black-and-white).

Rip Curl Emblem

The designers colored the logo in two shades of blue leaving white and black as additional colors.

Only one shade of blue was left. Due to this, the design grew flatter yet cleaner.

The typeface adopted a slightly more minimalistic style, due to which it became better legible.

The rhomboid was replaced by a parallelepiped with rounded corners. The palette was now dominated by red, with little patches of blue and a white background. The type was a more generic rounded one.

Rip Curl Logo

Both the type and the emblem grew more minimalist.

The wave became the centerpiece of the Rip Curl logo.