Salvatore Ferragamo logo

Salvatore Ferragamo logo

The iconic typographic logo can be clearly seen on one of the photos made during the brand’s first year in 1927.

Meaning and history Salvatore Ferragamo logo

Salvatore Ferragamo logo

In 1930, a tag-logo was designed by the artist Lucio Venna. The logo, which read: “Ferragamo’s creations Florence Italy,” could be seen only on women’s shoes sold in the US. In 1938, the insignia was slightly modified, as a result of which the word “Salvatore” also appeared on the logo.


Salvatore Ferragamo Symbol

The so-called Gancini, which is basically the “hook” present on most of Ferragamo’s products (including bags, jewelry, and accessories), was inspired by the gate of Palazzo Spini Feroni. Although the symbol has never reached the status of the official Salvatore Ferragamo logo, it’s the fashion house’s signature.

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