S.C. Johnson Logo

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S.C. Johnson is a brand of chemical household supplies, established in 1886 in the United States. The company has several subsidiaries, which operate across the globe and take the leading positions on the global market.

Meaning and history

The S.C. Johnson logo is composed of a wordmark with a tagline. The enlarged letter “J” of the inscription is the only decorative element of the company’s visual identity.

The S. C. Johnson nameplate is visually split into two parts — the red one, composed of capital letters, and the black one with only lowercase lettering. Both parts are executed in a smooth and cold sans-serif typeface with its lines curved.

S.C. Johnson Logo

The capitals “S” and “C” are drawn in red and placed above the red “J”, which is the biggest letter of the logo. It looks like a nest for the two letters and is the brightest element of the logotype.

“A family company at work for a better world” tagline is placed under the lowercase part of the nameplate and uses black color for its simple sans-serif lettering, which perfectly balances the color palette.

The black and red color combination of the S. C. Johnson logo is traditional and powerful. Reflecting patriot and strength of the company, red and black duo evokes a sense of professionalism and stability.