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Abadal is an automobile manufacturer renowned for producing high-performance sports cars. The company specializes in crafting luxurious vehicles that combine exquisite design with exceptional engineering. Established by Francisco Abadal in 1912, Abadal quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach and attention to detail. Currently, the company operates from its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, where a team of skilled craftsmen and engineers meticulously design and manufacture each Abadal car, ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance. Today, Abadal continues to be a symbol of automotive excellence, captivating enthusiasts worldwide with its distinctive and captivating creations.

Meaning and history

Abadal Logo history

Abadal is an automotive manufacturer founded by Francisco Abadal in 1912 in Barcelona, Spain. Throughout its history, the company has achieved significant milestones in the automotive industry. One notable achievement was the production of luxury sports cars renowned for their performance and design. Abadal cars gained recognition for participating in prestigious racing events, including the Spanish Grand Prix in 1922 and 1923. However, due to financial challenges during the 1920s, production ceased, and the company closed its doors in 1923.

Currently, Abadal does not operate as an active automotive manufacturer. However, its legacy lives on through the appreciation of its vintage cars, which have become sought-after collectibles by car enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. Abadal’s contribution to the automotive world remains a testament to the brand’s passion for engineering and craftsmanship, leaving a lasting mark in automotive history.

What is Abadal?
Abadal is a Spanish automobile company that specializes in producing high-performance luxury cars. Founded in 2012, Abadal focuses on creating exclusive and limited-edition vehicles that combine exquisite design, advanced technology, and exceptional performance. Their cars are known for their distinctive styling, meticulous craftsmanship, and powerful engines, catering to automotive enthusiasts seeking a unique and thrilling driving experience.

1912 – 1930

Abadal Logo

A bright and eye-catching logo in the form of a yellow and orange striped shield was the first emblem of the company. The orange color is associated with confidence, while the yellow represents energy and intellect. The “Abadal” inscription arches in the upper half of the emblem, featuring uppercase, sans-serif letters of a white color with a black outline. The logo looks well put together and reflects the passion of the company and its creators for automobiles.

1916 – 1923

Abadal Logo 1916

An updated version that was used alongside the previous one was presented in a few years. It has a completely different feel thanks to the black background and silver details. The shape of the shield became shorter and wider while the inscriptions almost completely filled it. The designers introduced a new font with bold strokes and serifs. In the lower half under the name, the logo now said “Buick” using the same font only smaller characters. This emblem version looks luxurious and powerful and perfectly matches the character of any sports car.