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A4Tech is a brand of computer accessories manufacturer based in Taiwan. It was established in 1987. Today the company is one of the market leaders and owns many patents in innovative technologies.

Meaning and history

A4Tech Logo history

1987 – 2007

A4tech Logo 1987

The initial A4Tech logo was created in 1987 and boasted a very modern and cool emblem, composed of a solid sea-blue square placed on a white background and enclosed into a vertically stretched black rectangular frame.

Under the solid square and inside the frame there was a “Tech” lettering in all capitals of a bold sans-serif typeface with slightly rounded angles. As for the “A4l part, it was hand-drawn in black and outlined in white right on the sea-blue background, featuring uneven bold lines.

2007 – 2008

A4tech Logo 2007
The lines of the emblem were refined and complemented by enlarged lettering in 2007. The sea-blue square for its angles rounded and the black frame turned light gray. Now, this structure was placed on the left from the stylish black “A4Tech” inscription in all capitals. The lettering was executed in a square stencil typeface with the small red square replacing the upper part of the left vertical bar of the letter “H”.

2008 – Today

The A4Tech logo is modern and stylish. The nameplate uses only two-colors combination and futuristic accustom typeface.

A4Tech logo

The black and yellow color scheme of the A4Tech logo is eye-catching. The main color is black, which symbolizes power and authority, while a small yellow accent — triangle in the letter “A” — reflects the brand’s values of communication, innovation and creativity.

Font and Color

Bold straight lines of the typeface make the logo confident and strong. A small “4” plays a role of a preposition here, accenting “A” and “TECH” in all-caps.

Logo A4Tech

The A4Tech logo celebrates innovation technologies, putting it on the pedestal of all the industries. “A” is the first letter of the alphabet as well as technologies is the first step into the future.

The A4Tech logo is full of power and dynamics. It is strict and masculine, evoking a sense of reliability and trust.