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Vitek is a Russian brand of household appliance manufacturing company, which was established in 2000. The trademark was registered in Austria but the production facilities of the company are located in China and Turkey. The brand is a part of Golder Electronics company.

Meaning and history

Vitek logo

The Vitek logo consists of a wordmark and the Vitek globe emblem. The lettering in all-caps are executed in simple sans serif font with straight clear lines.

The emblem is a blue circle with a white image of the letter “V” on it. It symbolizes the globe and the brand, aiming to provide customers all over the world with its products.

Logo Vitek

The color palette of the logo is bright blue with white, which represents brand’s profile and values of quality, progress and its customer.

It is a light simple logo, which looks good on the brand’s appliances and packaging. It is memorable and evokes a friendly feeling.