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Carrier Corporation is part of the UTC Climate, Controls & Security division. Carrier started in 1915 as an independent company and was purchased by United Technologies in 1979.

Meaning and history

Carrier Logo history

The founder of the Carrier brand, Will Carrier, is considered to be the inventor of the modern air conditioning system (1902), so the name of the company is strongly associated with the highest-quality technologies in this sphere.

Carrier has been on the American market for more than a century and gained a really strong reputation throughout the years. The company is an expert in the ventilation and air conditioning field, being engaged in the segment since the very beginning of its history. Apart from ventilation and AC systems, today Carrier also produces heating and fire security systems, and refrigerating equipment for hotels and restaurants.

Starting from a small business in the lord, today Carrier operates worldwide, serving its customers in more than 150 countries across the globe.

What is Carrier?
Carrier is the name of an American company, which was established in 1915 and has always been engaged in the manufacturing of ventilating and heating systems. With time, the home appliance producer has expanded its activity, starting manufacturing refrigerating types of equipment and fire-alarm and security technologies.

1915 – 1944

Carrier Logo 1915

The Carrier logo, created for the company in 1915, featured a solid horizontally placed oval in silver-gray, with a bold serif inscription in a title case. The lettering was written in white with a thin black outline and a wide black shadow. The borrow tails of the first “C” and the last “R” were connected, creating a straight thin underline for the whole lettering.

1944 – 1963

Carrier Logo 1944

The redesign of 1944 has introduced a modernized version of the Carrier badge, keeping the original composition with the inscription set on a solid horizontally stretched oval. The new version boasted bright blue background and flat white lettering with no outlines or shadows. The wordmark was executed in an italicized serif font with the medium-weight lines of the letters and a very thin white underline of the whole logotype.

1963 – 1992

Carrier Logo 1963

In 1963 the Carrier logo was redesigned again, switching the color plate to black and white and removing the thin white underline from the composition. The lettering was set in the same italicized serif font, but with cleaner contours and bolder lines of the letters. This badge was in use by the company until the beginning of the 1990s.


1992 – Today

Carrier logo

The Carrier logo is dominated by a large blue ellipse with white and blue trim. Inside, there is the white lettering “Carrier.” All the letters except the initial are lowercase.

In comparison with sleek modern logos, the type looks almost elaborate. The softly rounded letters feature strokes of varying lengths, and you can see several unnecessary, from the utilitarian point of view, details. The script is italicized and looks a little like handwriting, although the glyphs are not connected with each other.

Below the ellipse, there is a blue shape featuring the lettering “United Technologies” and a roundel emblem. This addition reminds of the fact that Carrier’s parent company is United Technologies. The ellipse logo is often used on its own, though.


While the company’s corporate font is Helvetica, its logo features a different, more diverse type in comparison with which Helvetica looks pretty austere.

Logo Carrier


According to Carrier Brand Identity Guidelines published in August 2013, the blue color used on the Carrier logo has the following indexes: PMS 072 C; RGB: 21; 44; 115. It is a rich, saturated shade slightly lighter than the color of the sky in the night. We should mention, though, that there have been several subtle color shifts over the company’s long history.