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Carrier Corporation is part of the UTC Climate, Controls & Security division. Carrier started in 1915 as an independent company and was purchased by United Technologies in 1979.

Meaning and history

Carrier logo

The Carrier logo is dominated by a large blue ellipse with white and blue trim. Inside, there is the white lettering “Carrier.” All the letters except the initial are lowercase.

In comparison with sleek modern logos, the type looks almost elaborate. The softly rounded letters feature strokes of varying lengths, and you can see several unnecessary, from the utilitarian point of view, details. The script is italicized and looks a little like handwriting, although the glyphs are not connected with each other.

Below the ellipse, there is a blue shape featuring the lettering “United Technologies” and a roundel emblem. This addition reminds of the fact that Carrier’s parent company is United Technologies. The ellipse logo is often used on its own, though.


While the company’s corporate font is Helvetica, its logo features a different, more diverse type in comparison with which Helvetica looks pretty austere.

Logo Carrier


According to Carrier Brand Identity Guidelines published in August 2013, the blue color used on the Carrier logo has the following indexes: PMS 072 C; RGB: 21; 44; 115. It is a rich, saturated shade slightly lighter than the color of the sky in the night. We should mention, though, that there have been several subtle color shifts over the company’s long history.