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Oysho is a fashion brand, which specializes in leisure and underwear. The company was established in 1977 in Spain and today is a part of Inditex Group, with more than 600 stores all over the globe.

Meaning and history

Oysho Logo history

2001 – 2011

Oysho Logo 2001
The Oysho visual identity has been always based on the brand’s name inscription executed in a monochrome color palette.
The old version was minimalist, yet memorable. It was a perfect example of a typographic logo with a pronounced pictorial quality. If you try rotating the wordmark 180 degrees, you will see that it has remained the same: you can still read the name of the brand. The symmetry and rhythm have appeared due to the slightly modified shape of the “y” – it looks like the “h” turned upside down.

2011 – Today

Oysho logo
With the latest brand’s redesign, the logo was modified in order to look sharper. It did lost the “rotating” quality of its predecessor, though.
The current Oysho logo, designed by the Clase bureau, based in Barcelona, looks strong and reflects the Oysho innovative approach.
The wordmark in all capitals is executed in a stylish serif typeface with confident neat lines and enough space between the letters, which makes the logotype look light and fresh.
The font of the Oysho logo was designed by a Spanish typographer, Iñigo Jerez, and it was based on the original brand’s logo, but many details were softened and modified in order to create a perfect typeface.
The monochrome color palette remains untouched, yet now black is the main color for some product lines of the brand. The Oysho packaging now can also be seen in both white and black colors, which adds style and makes the brand more recognizable.
The Oysho logo is minimalist and laconic and executed with great attention to detail. It looks modern and confident, showing a powerful brand, which values progress and innovations.