Uber Eats Logo

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Uber Eats Logo
Uber Eats is a food-delivery subsidiary of UberTaxi company, which was created in 2014 in the USA and today operates in almost twenty countries across the globe.

Meaning and history

Uber Eats Logo history

The Uber Eats visual identity is focused on the mobile app icon, as it is how all the customers see it — on a square with rounded angles.
Uber changes its logo design quite often, and the last one, created in 2018, seems to be the most minimalist. The icon is composed of a wordmark, placed in two levels, each of them uses a different style and color.
All the lettering is executed in a custom sans-serif typeface, which is Uber Love, designed by Jeremy Mickel (MCKL bureau) and famous Wolff Olins. The font is geometric and slightly grotesque, which is more visible on the lower case letters.
Uber Eats Logo
The upper, “Uber”, part features white elegant lines, which are balanced by the bright green of a bold “Eats”, located under it.
The combination of white and green on a black background is eye-catching and symbolizes an energetic brand, which is also loyal and reliable.
It is a simple and strong logo, which represents a confident rand, which aims to provide high-class services to its clientele.