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Zilli is a high-end brand of men’s fashion items, established in 1979 in France. The fashion house is famous for elegant suits and leather accessories of ultimate quality and design. The brand has its boutiques all over the globe and is very popular in Russia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Meaning and history

Zilli logo

The Zilli visual identity is a reflection of a luxury brand, which values the quality of the materials, the perfection of the silhouettes and style.

The Zilli logo is composed of a strict and elegant wordmark, which is sometimes used on its own and sometimes placed inside the emblem, which is a rectangular keychain, executed in gold, and having a three-dimensional shape and a metallic texture.

The Zilli wordmark in all capital letters is written in a classic serif typeface with straight and neat lines and distinct angles and serifs. The inscription looks solid and strong despite the thin and sophisticated letterforms.

The monochrome color palette of the Zilli logo allows placing it on various back-grounds and makes it look good on the fashion items’ tags and packaging. The gold and black version of the logo is used more for the advertising and websites and shows the high-end event of the brand and its attention to details.

The Zilli logo is a timeless classic, it reflects the high-end fashion brand with a rich history and a strong connection with its roots and heritage. The precious metal of the emblem shows that the company chooses only the best fabrics and materials for creating its amazing fashion pieces and is confident in what it does and proud of it.