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Town Clothes, or simply Town, is the name of a fashion brand from Los Angeles, created by Krista Fox and Sheila Imandoust in 2014. The brand follows the path of sustainability and recycling materials, basing its design on vintage clothing and textiles.

Meaning and history

Town is representative of the new generation in the fashion industry. The small brand, founded in Los Angeles, designs women’s clothing and accessories, using old fabrics and vintage garments.

The collections of the brand are very simple and minimalistic, showing Krista’s vision of the modern woman, and the laconic elegance, which can be seen in clean silhouettes, plain fabrics, and calm shades.

The garments from Town Clothes collections can easily be matched with bright and printed items from other designers, as well as can perfectly accompany luxurious dresses and accessories from high-end fashion brands.

What is Town?

Town Clothes is a Los Angeles-based brand, established in 2014. The clothing designed by Krista Fox is sewn in Los Angeles by small, independently-owned businesses, according to the company.

As for the visual identity, the brand uses a laconic yet bold and stable wordmark as the main element. It looks progressive and friendly, brilliantly reflecting the idea of sustainability and the innovative approach of the label to clothing manufacturing.

2014 – Today

Town Logo

The Town logo is sleek and stylish. It is dominated by the word “Town,” while the word “Clothes” in small italicized letters can be seen below. It is hardly legible if the logo is small, while if the logo is large enough, you can read it easily.

The type used for the “Town” lettering is dominated by smooth curves. The similarities between the letters “W” and “N” add a visual rhythm. The closest commercial font to the one, used for the Town Clothes logo is Expressa TS Bold, and some letters resemble a famous ITC Bauhaus Std Bold.

The logotype has its first letters in the uppercase, and the “N” — in the lowercase, and this trick makes the badge look friendly and playful, evoking a curious and light sensitivity.