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The logo of the German jewelry and watches brand Thomas Sabo is somewhere in between a logo and an autograph. Due to its handwriting-inspired script, the Thomas Sabo logo offers a personal touch.

Meaning and history

The history of the brand started in 1984. Today, Thomas Sabo GmbH & Co. KG is one of the best-known manufacturers of jewelry and watches in Germany. The brand is still headquartered in the town where it was founded, Lauf an der Pegnitz, the capital of the district Nürnberger Land, in Bavaria.


Like the majority of the logos of other fashion houses, it does not include a pictorial emblem of any kind. Instead, we can see the name of the designer written in a beautiful and unique script. It either has been written by hand or imitates handwriting.

Logo Thomas Sabo

Each of the glyphs looks elegant, yet, the initials, the “T” and “S,” are more prominent and distinctive. They have a larger number of decorative details.

Thomas Sabo logo

On the one hand, the handwritten logo cannot boast perfect legibility. On the other hand, it offers an individual, personal touch – it brings us closer to the person who established the brand. The Thomas Sabo logo seems a good fit for a company known for its extraordinary attention to detail and trend-oriented designs.