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The main themes behind the logo of the popular gay hookup app are power and masculinity, according to the founder. We can also add that a mask has always been a symbol of anonymity.

Meaning and history

Grindr Logo history

Grindr was founded in the US in the spring of 2009 by Israeli entrepreneur Joel Simkhai. In less than a year, it was already used globally – the information about the app spread by word of mouth. The Grindr logo hasn’t changed much since then, although there have been a couple of notable alterations.

What is Grindr
Grindr is a location-based dating app for gay, bisexual, and bicurious men. It shows a grid display of close men, which is structured according to distance. It was among the first dating apps using geolocation services.

2009 – 2016

Grindr Logo 2009

The original version already featured a mask, which has been the app’s symbol ever since. Here, the mask had four cogs in its lower part. The recognizable yellow color was already in place, too. However, back then, both the mask and the yellow background were used with a gradient, which added some dimension.
The name of the app featured bold all-caps sans which might have looked generic if not for the customized “G” and “R.”
When asked about the reasons behind the choice of color and emblem in 2012, Joel Simkhai explained he had wanted to use branding that was “masculine and tough.” He also noted the overall impression of the design should be “a bit aggressive” and “powerful.” According to the founder, even the name of the app reflects these qualities. It was inspired by the idea of grinding coffee and the notion of mixing. He supposed that anything that has “softness” connotations just won’t fit the overall image.

2016 – present

Grindr logo

The mask grew sleeker due to the disappearance of the cogs. The other parts of the mask also went through a subtle update, although they weren’t very obvious.
The typeface modification was more notable, though, the net result being a more minimalist and streamlined design.

Colors and font

The type in the second Grindr logo comes across as lighter, sleeker, and heavier customized. This results in an identity that is easier to grasp. The subliminal message that appears to have been present in the original logo remains in the second one, too.
While commenting on the palette, Joel Simkhai mentioned that, similar to other aspects of the brand identity, the color scheme was chosen to convey masculinity and toughness. While the connection between these qualities and colors may seem vague, we can say that, anyway, the combination of black with yellow is eye-catching, harsh, and dynamic. First and foremost, it doesn’t look soft in any way.

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