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Zee Telugu is the name of an entertainment channel, which was established in India in 2005. All programs and movies on it are broadcasted in the Telugu language, which makes up the name of the channel. Zee Telugu is owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises and is available all over the globe via satellite tv services.

Meaning and history

Zee Telugu Logo history

Zee Telugu started in 2004 as Alpha TV Telugu, so its first logo was different from all the following versions, created after 2005. Though there is still one common emblem that in all the emblems ever created for the channel — they all have its “Telugu” part of the name written in this language.

2004 – 2005

Zee Telugu Logo 2004

The very first logo of the Indian tv channel was composed of a checkered brown and black banner with yellow elements on it. On the left, there was a bold and enlarged Aloha symbol, which has a small sans-serif “TV” on its right and a white inscription in Telugu under.

2005 – 2008

Zee Telugu Logo 2005

After the rename of the channel, the new logo was introduced in 2005. It was a bright yellow and pink composition with the softened rhombus on the background, a three-dimensional gold “Z” and black additional lettering, written along the bottom right side of the yellow rhombus. The “Z” was set on a pink background, looking fancy and playful.

2008 – 2011

Zee Telugu Logo 2008

The redesign of 2008 switched yellow to a light shade of pink and black lettering to purple. The logo became more elegant and tender, though didn’t lose its strength and individuality. The golden “Z” was still the star of the emblem, adding sharpness and progressiveness to the whole image.

2011 – 2016

Zee Telugu Logo 2011

A completely new logo was adopted by the channel in 2011. It was a gradient blue stylized letter “Z” placed on a white background above the yellow Telugu inscription. The smooth cursive letters were outlined in black, which made it possible to place the logo on various backgrounds without losing contrast and brightness. The smooth elongated and curved lines of the new sky-blue “Z” looked sleek and sophisticated.


Zee Telugu Logo 2017

The logo, introduced by the channel in 2017 was based on the previous version, but with some modifications of the “Z” contours. Now the letter was complete and whole, the “leaf” from its upper-right corner merged with the body of the letter, which made the symbol look more solid and confident. As for the color palette and the wordmark, they haven’t changed much.


Zee Telugu logo

Later in 2017, another logo was introduced by Zee Telugu. It is still in use today and is available in two color options — blue and white, or orange and white. The emblem is composed of a solid-colored circle with white sand-serif “Zee” in all capitals written on it, and a colored Telugu inscription on its right. The new style looks professional and strong, showing the channel as a serious and reputable one.

2017 – now

Zee Telugu Logо
The 2017 version simply rearranged the elements. The writing in Telugu was moved to beneath the round emblem. Moreover, the coloring was also made into a deeper shade of red.


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