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Marvel's WandaVision Logo
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Marvel’s WandaVision is an American mini-series that is part of the official Marvel Cinematic Universe. The superhero project consists of 9 episodes, which were released weekly on the streaming service Disney+ in 2021.

Meaning and history

WandaVision is an American mini-series produced by Marvel Studios and based on the Marvel Comics characters Scarlet Witch and Vision. The plot of the series, which is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, unfolds after the events of the movie Avengers: The Final Solution, released in 2019. WandaVision consists of nine episodes, with the premier one released on January 15, 2021, on Disney Plus.

The series tells the story Of the 1950s when newlyweds Wanda and Vision move to the town of Westview. They try to blend into their new reality, even though Vision is an android and Wanda has telekinesis abilities. The first three episodes of the tv-show look like a usual sitcom, with a lot of comical moments and loud laughs. Everything changes in Episode 4, when the “Marvel” origin shows itself.

WandaVision tells the grief-filled story of Wanda Maximoff. When she was young and her family was struggling to survive in war-torn Zakowia, the whole family sought solace in pirated tapes of old American sitcoms sold by Wanda’s father. The whole show is a parody of the most famous sitcoms in American history.

What is Marvel’s WandaVision?
Marvel’s WandaVision is the name of a superhero tv-show, created by Marvel Studios in 2021. The project, composed of nine episodes and tells a story of a married couple from the 1950s, was released on Disney Plus.

In terms of visual identity, the WandaVision badge looks bright and very appropriate for the 1950s, the period, which is shown in the project. The red shades in the badge reflect the main costume color of Wanda, scarlet-red, and the neon lights and gradients add air and volume to the banner.


Marvel's WandaVision Logo

The logo for the first season of Marvel’s WandaVision tv-show was created in 2021, and perfectly stylized in the iconic Marvel color palette, with the retro contours of the lettering, written with thin neon tubes. The banner with the stylized inscription in gradient red and white looks like a bonnet of a vintage car, very stylish and sleek. The Marvel Studios geometric logo is placed above the wordmark, executed in red, white, and black.

Font and color

The custom cursive lettering from the primary WandaVision logo is set in a creative futuristic typeface, with all letters connected to each other along the bottom line. The closest font to the one, used in the Marvel’s WandaVision insignia, is, probably, Armstrong, but with some contours modified. The MarvelStudios logo on the top of the badge is set in all capitals of a narrowed sans-serif font.

As for the color palette of Marvel’s WandaVision, it is based on gradient shades of red, with silverfish gloss, and some white accents, adding volume to the composition. The neon lights can be placed whether on a silver-metallic plate or a solid black background and in both cases, it looks bright and very stylish.

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