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YuBo is a social media app, launched in 2015. Its main purpose is letting people connect with like-minded individuals in their general area. It works a lot like Tinder, except it’s used not for dates or one-night stands, but for new friendships, connections and acquaintances. It’s a moderately popular app, where you sweep matches aside to meet new people, in short.

Meaning and History

YuBo Logo history

YuBo was launched in 2015 by a group of French developers, originally under the name ‘Yellow’. It was marketed for teens and young adults, and it soon became immensely popular among the British youth. It’s still not among the giants of this niche, but it’s still rapidly growing. The name doesn’t really have a clear meaning. Instead, it’s a collection of two friendly-sounding syllables.

2015 – 2021

YuBo Logo 2015

The original logo depicted the word ‘YuBo’, written in yellow lowercase letters. The font was a simplistic, almost cartoonish design with thick black borders. There wasn’t a usual blank space inside the letter ‘O’. Instead, they cut diagonally what would be a black circle in the middle. The result was a little stylistic mouth, arranged is a semblance of a smile. A similar image was used for the icon of the app.

2021 – today

YuBo Logo

The next design used a similar layout. It was also a yellow lowercase writing of the app’s name, but the style changed. The letters were slightly tilted to the right now, while the black border around was made slimmer. They also replaced the old mouth in the ‘O’ with a proper round cavity. The font changed, but not by a lot. They did make these letters bolder, especially compared to the borders surrounding them.


YuBo Symbol

The original font was a simple sans-serif without any unusual features. They were squat and had square proportions, however. Throughout the existence of these logos, the letters were always lowercase. By 2021, the font was updated. It was now a more complex typeface: round, smooth and with some big extensions here and there. There were very little sharp corners in this one, as compared to the previous design. They also tilted the letters, as mentioned.


YuBo Emblem

The brand uses yellow as the basis for most of their designs. The original name was supposed to be ‘Yellow’, and the main color was yellow since the start. The name didn’t stay, but the color scheme did. In addition to yellow, they use black extensively. On occasions, they also include white into the emblems and symbols – most notably, into the app icon and other elements.