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Younique logo symbolizes the core values of the cosmetics company: appreciation of the unique things in life and helping women to reach their true potential.

Meaning and history

Younique Logo history

The company was created in September, 2012 by a brother and sister, Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft. Although Younique does not give any information about the author of its logo, it is probably Melanie, the company’s Chief Visionary Officer, who led the process.

2012 – 2021

Younique Logo 2012

2021 – now

Younique Logo


Logo Younique

The visual center of the Younique logo is a stylized plant. The intricate interwining springs symbolize the uniqueness of the company’s products and people they are developed for.

Acceptable versions of the emblem

Younique Emblem

The basic logotype consists of the “plant” emblem and the wordmark below it. This is the version that should be used above all others. However, in some circumstances it is impossible to give the emblem this way, so other interpretations may be used. In such cases, Younique Products Style & Brand Usage Guidelines suggest using Younique wordmark without the emblem. Using the mark by itself is also acceptable, but in this case the text should be visible somewhere else in the design.



The beautiful script featured in the Younique logo is a customized one. It looks very close to the Vol typeface, which is especially noticeable in the distinctive shape of the letters “y”, “u”, “n”. However, the designers who developed the wordmark, altered some letters, for instance, the “tail” in the “q” character is different from the regular Vol typeface.



The Primary color of the Younique logo is dark purple (HEX: #4F004D), which appears in combination with white. Also, if the visual context does not allow a designer to use purple, it is acceptable to use the emblem colored in one of the secondary colors approved by the company (pink, light blue, green, and yellow). Alternatively, a monochrome logo in pure black may be used. In case of a dark background, the logo should be given in all white.