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Vis-à-vis is a French brand of clothing, mostly for women. Vis-a-Vis is one of the labels from the PennyPlain group. The label offers clothing for various occasions. The list of labels of the PennyPlain group also includes Tigi and Perfectfit. They’ve been around since 2007.

Meaning and history

The brand appeared in 2007. Initially, Vis-à-vis focused on production of high performance women clothes for various occasions. The brand name refers to the French expression ‘vis-a-vis’, which means ‘face to face’. A lot of brands are named after this phrase because of its personal feel, elegance and recognition.

2007 – today

Vis-a-Vis Logo

The highly distinctive style characteristic fir the Vis-à-vis logo is the result of the meticulous work of the design team. The details of the glyphs make the design easy-to-recognize and memorable. Probably the most recognizable element is the letter ‘A’ where the middle bar has been removed. The wordmark has a stylish modern edge. There are also variations of the logo with beige and bold black palettes, but they’re used rarely.