Yosi Samra Logo

Yosi Samra logo

Yosi Samra is the name of an iconic shoe brand, which was created in New York in 2009 and named after its designer. The brand became famous for its foldable flat shoes, which are loved by women from all over the globe, and have been spotted on the feet of some celebrities too.

Meaning and history

The fate of Yosi as a shoe designer was predetermined from early childhood because his family has been manufacturing shoes for many years. However, it was the young designer who managed to create a brand that has become famous all over the world. And the main secret of his success is that Yosi thought about convenience and comfort in the first place.
The foldable ballet flats, which have made the Yosi Samra brand truly iconic, are both practical and stylish. Designed with the use of natural leather, the flats are incredibly comfortable, and the wide variety of colors and prints make them suitable for any occasion. So a woman can walk in them all day and easily attend a fancy dinner after.
Today the brand offers not only the famous ballet flats but a full-fledged collection of women’s footwear, including sneakers, slides, and heels. Here every woman can find a pair of shoes to accompany any outfit. Apart from the women’s collection, Yosi Samra also designs shows for kids, making glossy and bright designs for young fashionistas.

What is Yosi Samra?
Yosi Samra is a footwear brand, created in the USA in 2009, and famous for its foldable ballet flats, which today can be bought all over the globe in one of more than a thousand boutiques of the company.

In terms of visual identity, the brand has been less innovative and experimental. The Yosi Samra has always used one logo, created in 2009, with the launch of the brand.

2009 — Today

Yosi Samra Logo

The Yosi Samra logo, designed in 2009, is always executed in the black-and-white color palette, but can be seen in two versions: black on white, and the reverse white on black one. Both badges look confident and modern, showing the strong character of the brand.
The Yosi Samra logo showcases the name of the designer in a lightweight sans serif typeface, which is very close to such fonts as ITC Avante Garde Gothic Pro Extra Light and Reva Pro Thin. While most of the glyphs have a classic look, the “R” adds a unique touch with its open contour. The extra-thin lines of the letters are balanced by the bold and heavy monogram.
Between the words “Yosi” and “Samra,” you can see the interlocked letters “Y” and “S.” While they also feature a sans serif typeface, the shape of the contours is different, and the letters are thicker than in the name of the designer. They are also slightly narrowed and look tall, which helps keep the elegance of the badge, without overweighting it. The “YS” monogram can be used as a standalone logo for some of the products.