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Yokogawa is a leading global company that specializes in providing advanced solutions for industrial automation and control systems. It was founded in 1915 and is currently owned by the Yokogawa Electric Corporation. With a strong presence worldwide, Yokogawa operates in various industries, including oil and gas, chemicals, power, and pharmaceuticals. The company’s cutting-edge technologies and services help optimize processes, improve safety, and enhance overall operational efficiency for its customers.

Meaning and history

Logo Yokogawa

The Yokogawa logo is simple yet has a very light feeling. Its classic all-caps wordmark’s black font is balanced with a yellow rhombus with two concave faces. The company’s graphic icon reflects the brand’s ideals and symbolizes a dynamic, yet balanced brand that provides real value.

The emblem is inspired by the sun, the main source of energy and life. The yellow rhombus is an affirmation of the brand’s commitment to benefit humankind through the development of the industrial sector.

The Yokogawa logo is a reflection of the responsibility and loyalty of the company to its client. As its brand, the logo is dynamic and vital, moving into the future with confidence.

What is Yokogawa?
Yokogawa is a multinational industrial automation and measurement company. They provide advanced solutions in the fields of control systems, process instrumentation, and information systems for industries such as oil and gas, chemicals, power, and more.