Alcatel Logo

Alcatel Logo
Alcatel is a brand of mobile devices designer and developer. It was established in 2005 in France and was acquired by Nokia in 2016. Today the Alcatel trademark is used under license by TLC Communication Ltd.

Meaning and history

Alcatel Logo history

The Alcatel logo is contemporary and fresh. It reflects the brand’s goal — providing their consumers with the latest technologies at affordable prices. The brand is full of youth energy and its bright logo is friendly and vivid.
The light blue and white color scheme adds a feeling of the brand’s professionalism and reliability.
The rounded all lowercase lettering of the wordmark is accompanied by the “location” icon, which frames the second letter “A” and shows the brand’s industry segment.
The Alcatel logo is dynamic and recognizable, its colors represent trust and loyalty, and match with the brand’s values perfectly.