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Power Acoustik is a brand of car and marine audio and video electronic devices manufacturing company. It is owned by USA-based Epsilon Electronics, founded in 1983 and specialized in the automotive audio industry.

Meaning and history

Power Acoustik logo

The Power Acoustik logo is a reflection of brand’s innovative approach and its desire of leadership in the industry.

The bright red nameplate is bold and modern. The typeface is unique in its geometry and straight lines with half of the angles rounded. Letters “E” and “W” have a cosmic form, celebrating innovations and high technology.

Red is the color of power and energy and Power Acoustik brand aims to give it to its consumers, providing them with best products and getting their trust and respect back.

What is Power Acoustik?
Power Acoustik is a company that specializes in manufacturing car audio and video entertainment systems. They offer a range of products including car stereos, amplifiers, speakers, and multimedia receivers, providing customers with high-quality audio and video experiences on the go.