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The Amazon Kindle is a brand of one of the most popular electronic readers in the world. The company made a great progress since its launch by Amazon in 2007 as a single device. Today the brand offers a wide range of e-reader devices and mobile applications.

Meaning and history

Amazon Kindle logo

The Amazon Kindle name means “to light a fire”, and reflects the idea of being excited by reading. People responsible for the brand’s name are Michael Cronan and Karin Hibna, branding consultants of Amazon.

Logo Amazon Kindle

The logo is a logical continuation of the main Amazon logo — Amazon with its orange arrow-smile and “Kindle” in a more simple and fine typeface but in a bright orange color. It is neat, modest and recognizable.

For its visual identity the brand also uses an extended version of the logo — an image of the boy sitting under the tree with his Kindle. It is a beautiful reflection of the “lost in the Universe of books” idea.