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The Amazon Kindle is a brand of one of the most popular electronic readers in the world. The company made a great progress since its launch by Amazon in 2007 as a single device. Today the brand offers a wide range of e-reader devices and mobile applications.

Meaning and history

Amazon Kindle logo

The Amazon Kindle name means “to light a fire”, and reflects the idea of being excited by reading. People responsible for the brand’s name are Michael Cronan and Karin Hibna, branding consultants of Amazon.

What is Amazon Kindle?
Amazon Kindle is the name of Amazon’s department, which is specialized in the production of electronic reading devices and software for it. The company was established in 2007, and by today has grown into the world’s leader in the production of e-books and gadgets for electronic reading.

Logo Amazon Kindle

The logo is a logical continuation of the main Amazon logo — Amazon with its orange arrow-smile and “Kindle” in a more simple and fine typeface but in a bright orange color. It is neat, modest and recognizable.

For its visual identity the brand also uses an extended version of the logo — an image of the boy sitting under the tree with his Kindle. It is a beautiful reflection of the “lost in the Universe of books” idea.

Font and Color

The friendly lowercase lettering from the official badge of Amazon Kindle is set in two styles of a modern geometric sans-serif typeface: the iconic corporate bold “Amazon”, accompanied by a medium-weight “Kindle. The closest fonts to the one, used for the “kindle” part, are, probably, Elisar DT Regular, or Carot Sans Light, but with the modified contour of the “L”. As for the “Amazon” part of the inscription, it is set in a typeface, which looks similar to FF Real Text Condensed Demi Bold, but with some minor changes in the shapes of the letters.

As for the color palette of the Amazon Kindle visual identity, it is based on the common of black and orange, the corporate Amazon scheme, which stands for professionalism, energy, and power. Orange adds a bit of friendliness and joy, making the badge look more dynamic and fresh.

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